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Day-to-day life at Pellin Italy

People arrive on Saturday.

This evening, after time to get settled share a meal and take in the surrounding, there is a short introductory group meeting.

The programme formally begins on Sunday morning.

From Sunday to Thursday there are two group meetings a day.

The morning group meeting is from 9.00am to 12.30.

The evening group meeting is 5 to 8 pm.

There is a short group meeting on Friday morning to end the week’s programme.

The rest of Friday is free time with the chance of the beach or a day trip to our local points of interest and fame: Paestum, Amalfi or Pompeii. Or just to rest and take in the hills around us.

The programme provides for personal attention and the possibility of an intense training relationship with Peter Fleming.

We provide three meals a day. The food is mainly vegetarian, using fresh local fruit, cheese salad fish, pasta and vegetables.

There is selected library to help people both relax and study. We create a safe and absorbing learning environment that provides for peoples’ needs in both fun and training.