The Pellin Institute
Counselling, Contribution Training, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching.
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Our Work

Castellabate (Southern Italy): The location of our Italy Programme
Fritz Perls
The Pellin institute offers professional training and personal self development programs in Contribution Training (CT) in the United Kingdom, southern Italy and north America.
David Pellin

The programs range from short focussed workshops to longer residential programs and one to five year part time professional training programs in counselling and psychotherapy. Pellin practitioners work with individuals, couples, families, groups and organisations.

CT was developed by Peter Fleming, the founder of Pellin. CT is a humanistic and integrative approach. CT integrates the ideas of major figures such as Viktor Frankl and Fritz Perls with the depth and practicality of the self help ethos of such organisations as Alcoholics Anonymous and political empowerment groups.

Viktor Frankl
Peter Fleming

Peter named the Pellin Institute after his friend and teacher David Pellin who died in 1971. The work of CT had begun in Vancouver, Canada in the socially volatile late 1960s when Peter and David worked with disadvantaged young people and their families.

The Pellin Institute Mission Statement, devised by Peter Fleming, is:

“The best way to heal is to contribute.
The best way to learn is to teach”