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Wheel of Change

A mainstay of Pellin work over more than forty years is providing counselling, coaching and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. The approach is humanistic and integrative, that is to say, it looks at the person, couple, family or, more generally, the situation as a whole and takes into account the inter-person dynamics. The issue include:

  • relationships and marriages;
  • families and kids;
  • teenagers & young adults;
  • the elderly;
  • work struggles; and
  • career choices.

We have a long history of dealing with many issues such as depression, anxiety, panic, and loneliness.

Peter Fleming provides most of the counselling & psychotherapy work himself. He the founder of Pellin and the author of Contribution Training. During his long career, he has been a social worker, counsellor and psychotherapist for more than fifty years. Peter is a registered Psychotherapist with both UKAHPP and UKCP. He is a long standing and active member the UKAHPP and sits on it's Accreditation Committee. From this wealth of experience, and the influence of great teachers he can offer individuals, couples and families a chance to solve problems, move their lives on and have a future with hope and purpose.

Peter is based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk and often uses Skype and the telephone to counsel clients that are not able to come to his practice. This service is used successfully not only by clients in other parts of the UK but also as far away as Hangzhou & Shanghai, China.

Although Peter is very senior in the field and a highly experienced and respected counsellor and psychotherapist, he has made a conscious decision to charge relatively modest fees so that his services are accessible to people from all situations and backgrounds.

In addition to Peter, there is a network of Pellin practitioners (counsellors & psychotherapists trained by Peter) in other parts of the UK including London, in Paris and in various locations America.

If you would like to know more or would like a confidental chat to see how we can help, call us on +44 (0)1553 760475 or email