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Seven Levels of Listening

The practical reason the first training video on the Pellin website is the Seven Levels of Listening is that in both the extensive training with the Pellin Workbook for Foster Carers in England and training workers in substance abuse in America I have pushed Passive Listening, which is Level 1. “This will change your life. Money back guarantee and I say that about no other part of this work”. I guess that is a push. However there is not always the time to place Passive Listening in the full perspective of all the Seven Levels. So I want to have a good lecture on the Seven Levels easily available to those recent students.

This approach to Listening is uniquely ours and is amongst the most comprehensive work on listening anywhere. It is also a challenge to practitioners in my field who often will claim a quality of listen they do not always have and to examine why. Not just to assume they are listening well. The Seven Levels is also always a challenge to power. “Can you let go of control and just Passive Listen for a mite. Just take in what is being said to you without your opinion or agenda?”.

The deeper reason to start with the Seven Levels of Listening goes back to my great teacher in Gestalt, Janet Lederman. Janet would say “the three things we need to do this work well are our eyes, our ears and a heart for human suffering”. That does not include, Gestalt Therapy, or Contribution Training or any of the other theories and schools in the long history of therapy. For Janet the basic talent came down to our seeing, our listening and our tears.

So we start our Pellin Training Videos Program with listening.